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About Us

Rise Up was created to address the lack of diversity and underrepresentation in computer science. In addition to increasing the pass rate for these student groups, Rise Up aims to encourage more underrepresented students to pursue a career in computing.


Twice a week, one-hour webinars are hosted by Georgia Tech undergraduates where they answer questions. An activity or exercise is also planned if there are no more questions.

In-Person Sessions

Once a month, Georgia Tech undergraduates host an in-person session in the College of Computing building on Georgia Tech's Atlanta campus. Students may bring their questions and participate in activities, similar to the in-person sessions. Before and after each session, each student is free to explore the campus.

Interactive E-Book

An interactive e-book is available for all Rise Up students that includes detailed explanations of concepts, interactive examples of those concepts, and methods to test your knowledge, including Parsons problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There are no costs! This program is absolutely free!

What will I get out of this as a student?

You will get extra support in your AP Computer Science A, or AP Computer Science Principles course, have an introduction to the computer science field, be in a place to ask any kinds of questions, be exposed to a college campus, and potentially be offered a working position during the summer at Georgia Tech!

How has the program helped other students?

According to recent research conducted by Georgia Tech faculty over the duration of this program, 62% of Rise Up alumni now intend to major in computing, 61% indicated that Rise Up increased their interest in computer science, and 24% indicated that their participation encouraged them to change their major to computer science, or a computing-related field.

Has this program improved test scores?

The pass rate on the AP Computer Science A exam in the state of Georgia from underrepresented test takers has risen from just over half of the national pass rate in 2012 to surpassing the national pass rate in 2016.

What will I be doing at the in-person sessions?

You will participate in hands-on learning of fundamental computer science concepts, enjoy free food, and have multiple opportunities to win free prizes!

Will transportation be provided?

Transportation is not provided. Many students carpool together from their schools.

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